Contemporary Endodontics - Simplified PART 3
Endodontic retreatment and management of complications
18th & 19th October 2019

A practical course in 3 parts over 6 days
£1000 per delegate per course or £2700 for 3 x 2 day courses

This course meets the General Dental Council's educational criteria for verifiable CPD and
13 hours of verifiable CPD points per 2 day course will be awarded.

This unique course is designed to offer pragmatic approach to root canal treatment for the busy practitioner who seeks to provide high quality endodontic treatment with long term predictable clinical success. The course content is built upon most current biological knowledge and clinical concepts. The attendee will be exposed to multiple files systems including both reciprocation and rotary concepts as well as bioceramic, “sealer rich” obturation. Class sizes are limited to 12 with hands-on personalised support from Mark and James to maximise the quality of the education. All delegates will have their own microscope for the duration of the course and access to all the equipment of the specialist environment including Piezo ultrasonics, motors and warm vertical obturation systems.

The course is structured over 6 days but we aim to tailor the teaching to the individual learning goals of the attendees with bespoke teaching on demand if delegates wish.

Participants are asked to bring 5-10 extracted/2 days teeth unaccessed for endodontic treatment.

Course dates booked are non-transferrable.

Part 1 –  28th February & 1st March 2019
Part 2 –  9th & 10th May 2019
Part 3 –  17th & 18th October 2019

Dr John Whitworth PhD (microbiology), BChD, FDS RCSEd, FDS (Rest Dent)RCS  Course Tutor
 James Darcey
 FDS (Rest Dent) RCSEd
Dr M J Hunter BDS, MSc  Course Tutor
 Mr M J Hunter

Day 5 - 17th October 2019

  • mandec bullet Introduction to retreatment
  • mandec bullet Understanding the challenges and limitations of retreatment
  • mandec bullet Case selection
  • mandec bullet Restorability assessment
  • mandec bullet Prognostic indicators

Practical elements

  • mandec bullet Use of the operating microscope
  • mandec bullet Coronal disassembly and re-access
  • mandec bullet Removal of GP
  • mandec bullet Re-establishing patency and shape

Learning outcomes

At the end of day 5, delegates should be able to:

  • mandec bullet Medico-legal considerations in tackling endodontic treatment.
  • mandec bullet Describe systematic methods of case assessment, selection and when to refer
  • mandec bullet Work effectively with the operating microscope
  • mandec bullet Describe the challenges of the “calcified” and the “blocked” canal system and apply strategies for effective entry to challenging canals
  • mandec bullet Feel confident removing old GP safely.

Day 6 - 18th October 2019

  • mandec bullet Understanding common endodontic complications and challenges
  • mandec bullet Management of the open apex
  • mandec bullet Perforations
  • mandec bullet Ledges
  • mandec bullet Instrument separation
  • mandec bullet Root resorption
  • mandec bullet Update on endodontic microsurgery

Practical elements

  • mandec bullet Continued exposure to GP removal techniques
  • mandec bullet Use of bio ceramic fillers
  • mandec bullet Hands on management of perforations and open apices.

Learning outcomes

At the end of day 6 delegates should be able to:

  • mandec bullet Predictably remove gutta percha root canal fillings
  • mandec bullet Successfully handle MTA to manage the perforation and the open apex

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