Crown Lengthening
A Tool for Improved Function and Aesthetics
Thursday 4th June 2020
£425.00 per delegate

This course meets the General Dental Council's educational criteria for verifiable ECPD and
6.5 hours of verifiable ECPD points will be awarded.
 Course Tutor:
 Joanne Cunliffe
 Consultant/ Hon Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry

Today's restorative dentist faces an apparent increase in patients exhibiting tooth wear that may result in shortened teeth, making crowning these teeth problematic. In addition, it is evident that patients are becoming more aware of the importance of a pleasing smile.

This course explores crown lengthening as one way in which the restorative dentist can address both clinical demands. There will be a hands-on crown lengthening practical session on pigs, with a chance to practice both newer methods of bone removal with the Piezosurgery units as well as some more traditional methods.

Crown Lengthening Aims and Objectives              

mandec bullet Review the indications for crown lengthening
mandec bullet Assessment before crown lengthening
mandec bullet Indications for different surgical techniques
mandec bullet Review of different cases
mandec bullet Complications
mandec bullet When to restore
mandec bullet Hands on practice on pigs heads

Development Outcome:  C & D

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