Foundation Course –
Introduction to Advanced Endodontics
Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November 2018

Day 2


mandec bullet Obturation principles: warm vertical techniques and sealer rich fills.
mandec bullet Biosilicate materials: when and how to use them
mandec bullet Considerations in endodontic retreatment: removal of old root filling
mandec bullet Assessing endodontic outcome

Practical elements

mandec bullet Thermoplastic root canal fillings
mandec bullet Use of MTA
mandec bullet Removing root filling materials

Learning outcomes

At the end of day 2, attendees should be able to:

mandec bullet Achieve predictable, dense root fillings by a variety of thermoplastic techniques
mandec bullet Successfully handle MTA the perforation and the open apex
mandec bullet Predictably remove gutta percha root canal fillings

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