Contemporary Endodontics
Thursday 6th and Friday 7th September 2018
£950.00 per delegate
£400.00 deposit required

This course meets the General Dental Council's educational criteria for verifiable CPD and 13 hours of verifiable CPD points will be awarded.
Dr John Whitworth PhD (microbiology), BChD, FDS RCSEd, FDS (Rest Dent)RCS  Course Tutor
 James Darcey
 FDS (Rest Dent) RCSEd
Dr M J Hunter BDS, MSc  Course Tutor
 Mr M J Hunter

Day 1

  • mandec bullet General introduction
    mandec bullet Understanding endodontic disease and making diagnoses
    mandec bullet Success and survival
    mandec bullet Preparation for treatment
    mandec bullet Isolation
    mandec bullet Access: pulpal anatomy and canal location
    mandec bullet Access, negotiation and length determination & glide path development
    mandec bullet Determination of working length
    mandec bullet Fundamentals of canal preparation, manual preparation with stainless steel and NiTi

Practical elements

  • mandec bullet Rubber dam isolation for routine and challenging situations
  • mandec bullet Access cavity preparation, refinement and canal location
  • mandec bullet Canal negotiation, patency and glide path
  • mandec bullet Electronic length determination
  • mandec bullet Canal flaring with: stainless steel files/Balanced-force motion, GT & ProTaper hand files
  • mandec bullet Apical gauging and stop preparation with NiTi hand files
  • mandec bullet ISO cone fit

Learning outcomes

At the end of day 1, delegates should be able to:

  • mandec bullet Describe the microbial aetiology of endodontic disease and the challenges in its effective
    mandec bullet Isolate teeth with rubber dam for endodontic purposes
    mandec bullet Describe the features of a satisfactory access, and apply this in the
      development and modification of access cavities for permanent teeth
    mandec bullet Flare canals safely and efficiently with stainless steel and NiTi hand files
    mandec bullet Describe the process of apical gauging and stop preparation
    mandec bullet Accurately adjust and fit ISO master cones to length
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