MANDEC Courses

The following courses are organised and run by MANDEC. They all meet the General Dental Council’s educational criteria for verifiable CPD. We hope to add to the courses we offer over the next few months. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive details of any new courses please or call us on 0161-275-6719 or 0161-275-6645.

 Postgraduate Education for the Dental Team (PEDT) 2018/19
 Foundations in Contemporary Endodontics – Advanced Course
 Thursday 15th and Friday 16th November 2018

 Course Tutors: James Darcey & Mark Hunter
 Plastic Surgery Around Teeth & Implants (Soft Tissue)
 Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd November 2018
 Course Tutors: Chris Butterworth & Paul Baker
 Aesthetic Dentistry
 Wednesday 28th November 2018

 Course Tutor:  Amin Aminian
 Aesthetic Dentistry II
 Monday 3rd December 2018

 Course Tutor:  Amin Aminian
 Introduction to Periodontal Surgery
 Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th February 2019

 Course Tutor: Professor Kevin Seymour and Dr. Jacopo Buti
 Aesthetic Dentistry II
 Monday 1st April 2019

 Course Tutor:  Amin Aminian
 Crown Lengthening
 Thursday 4th April 2019

 Course Tutor: Joanne Cunliffe
 Contemporary Management of Toothwear
 Friday 26th and Saturday 27th April 2019

 Course Leader: Professor Julian Satterthwaite
 Aesthetic Dentistry
 Monday 3rd June 2019

 Course Tutor:  Amin Aminian
 Manchester Dental Implant Foundation Course
 Tuesday 16th – Saturday 20th July 2019

 Course Leader: Professor Craig Barclay
 Aesthetic Dentistry II
 Monday 2nd December 2019

 Course Tutor:  Amin Aminian
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