MANDEC Previous Courses Video Vault

Please find on this page all video files to date, to play the video files you will need to download the eplayer.exe programme which is in the self exstracting zip files for each video below.

Select browse for where you wish to store your files.

then click ok

extracting zip files and filing

then click unzip

When the player and video have downloaded open the eplayer.exe file and select the video file you have just downloaded and stored on your hard drive.

Download Files Here:

 - PEDT Endodotics with Sanjeev Bhanderi - HTML format

 - Aesthetic Dentistry 1 - 07.12.09 - (File Size: 9mb)

 - Aesthetic Dentistry 2 - 07.02.09 - (File Size: 11mb)

 - Soft Tissue - 22.11.09 - (File Size: 122mb)

 - Crown Lengthening - 22.01.10 - (File size: 75mb)

If you are having trouble with anything please do not hesitate to call us on
0161-275-6719 or 0161-275-6645

All photographs courtesy of Medical Illustration at MRI

Madec accept no responsibiity for the images downloaded and downloading the files is at your own risk.

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